• Since I’ve moved down here to Williton in West Someset, I’ve been tyaking a lot of videos, but here are a few of the photos from the Village, the Wyndham Arms ( my local pub!) and the station.


  • Hi

    I am trying to get a selection of photos on Picassa in a particular order and then to transfer them to a flash drive. I can alter position of them in picassa but when I transfer them they end up in Image number order, which is no good.

    Is there a way of getting them transferred in the order that I wand?

    I have the photos in a separate…[Read more]

  • Did you know, that in Picasa, you can make a Slideshow of your photos? you choose which folder with the photos you want and then let Picasa do the work for you, this tutorial shows you how its done.


  • Now that you’ve edited your photos, its time to print them out, this tutorial will take you throught the steps involved from choosing the right template and the correct printer settings.


  • You’ve taken a photo with a lampost which you want to remove from the shot, this can be done by cropping your photo, this is and easy task to do, it will also zoom into the photo to make it stand out more.


  • Ok, so your photo looks a bit on the crooked side, if you use the Straighten feature in Picasa, you’ll get them looking right in no time at all, make sure that you’ve done all the other editing first, because […]

  • You’ve taken your photo, but you see some of the eyes looking a bit red, what do you do?  the easy way is to remove the red eye with Picasa, this is an easy task to complete, in a couple of mouse clicks the red […]

  •  I dream of Jeannie

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  • Graham posted in the topic Lost Pictures in the forum Software Support 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    Hi Gerald, glad it worked for you and thanks for the donation, it all helps Smile

  • Graham posted an update 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    Just finished build our online shop, so you can pop along there and start to purchase the items you want.

  • almonry posted in the topic Lost Pictures in the forum Software Support 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    Hi Graham

    I downloaded Recuva and was able to retrieve some of the pics which was very helpful, so once again thanks


  • You’ve taken all your photos, but some of them look a little too dark, not a problem, we can adjust the brightness very easily in Picasa, once you’ve started Picasa, you need to find the photo you wish to work with.


  • Before you start and use Picasa to edit your photos, you must import your photos to Picasa, this lesson will take you through those steps to import them, importing can be done in Picasa or by connecting your […]

  • ow that you’ve downloaded Picasa, you now have to install it, this lesson will show you how to install Picasa in easy stages, once your done, you’ll be able to start using Picasa and get the most out of your pho […]

  • This lesson will show you how to download Picasa from our web site. Google does not support Picasa anymore, but if you have a copy, it will still run perfectly, so we’ve put a copy on our website for you. To do t […]

  • Graham posted in the topic Lost Pictures in the forum Software Support 3 weeks, 2 days ago

    Hi Almonry, the photos you see in Picasa are only previews from your Pictures Folder on your computer, if you delete them from Picasa, they are still in your Pictures Folder, to get them back into Picasa go to

    File – Add new Folder

    This will put them back in for you.

    To recover any thing you have physically deleted, you could try some…[Read more]

  • Hi

    Have done something stupid but remain hopeful that someone knows how to get me out of the problem.

    I had a folder of photos on Picassa which I “moved”, I thought it meant “copied to”, a flash drive. The photos were not as I wanted so I deleted them from the flash drive expecting the folder to be retained on Picassa. But they too had gone…[Read more]

  • Creating Groups is very easy, but what is a group?

    Well, groups are a way for like minded Members to join and discuss Group matters or maybe upload some photos or a youtube video, Groups can be open or private […]

  • This video will show you all the different areas of our Community and what you can do in the Community.


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