Avast Free Anti Virus

We don’t need Virus’s or Spyware on our computers, but they always get in from web sites and installing software. So how do we remove them? The answer is with an Anti Virus software, the one I use is called Avast Free Anti Virus, this course will Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin

About Ccleaner

Over time your Computers or Laptops will amass a lot of temporary and junk files, these could slow down your machines, they are easy to remove using a program called Ccleaner, this course will show you how to remove these and keep your machines running smoothly. Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin

Downloading Ccleaner

Removing unwanted temporary files and junk files and registry clean will keep your computers running smoothly, this lesson shows you how to download Ccleaner. Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedin