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Moving photos


Have done something stupid but remain hopeful that someone knows how to get me out of the problem.
I had a folder of photos on Picassa which I “moved”, I thought it meant “copied to”, a flash drive. The photos were not as I wanted so I deleted them from the flash drive expecting the folder to be retained on Picassa. But they too had gone from there also.

I have tried all I could to recover them, even downloading a programme to recover photos , but no good.
Is there any way of recovery even though I deleted them from a flash drive?
Help if you can


To recover any thing you have physically deleted, you could try some software called Recuva from here choose the free version, it works quite well, Iv’e used it 

Hi Graham

I downloaded Recuva and was able to retrieve some of the pics which was very helpful, so once again thanks


Hi Gerald

Glad it worked for you and thanks for the donation, it all helps.