How To Setup Cortana For The First Time

Windows 10 comes with lots of new features, and Cortana is one of the most interesting of the lot. Cortana is a program that acts as your personal digital assistant that can help you interact in a more human way with your Windows 10 device. Because of that, and also because Microsoft refers to Cortana as “her”, we’ll do the same. You can tell her to do various things, like launching apps, take notes, remind you when you have an appointment or even ask her about the weather prognosis or whether she likes Siri or not.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Cortana can do for you. But before you’re able to interact with Cortana, you must first go through a first time setup. In this tutorial, we’re going to show you the steps required for you to do that.

How To Configure Cortana For The First Time On A Windows PC Or Tablet On your device’s taskbar, click or tap inside the Search the web and Windows field. You’ll find it right next to the Start button.

Cortana will launch a popup box and say Hi! to you.

Then, at the bottom of this box, she’ll ask you if you want to start configuring her or not. Click or tap Next.

Cortana will let you know that, in order for her to work correctly, she needs to collect and use some information about you and your device. To continue, you must click or tap on I agree.

Next, Cortana will ask you what you’d like her to call you. Type your name or nickname inside the field and then click or tap Next at the bottom of the dialog box.

And that’s it! Cortana’s first time setup is over and you can now start enjoying her help. Cortana will automatically give you information about you, your agenda, your surroundings and so on. And in order to interact with Cortana, you can simply type in her search field or speak to her by using the microphone button from the right side of the search field.

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