Installing Picasa

Now that we’ve downloaded Picasa, we can now install it to our computer or laptop, this is an easy task to do, simply follow this lesson to learn how.

Find the file that you just downloaded, it should be on your Desktop, then double left click on it.



Now click on the Run button.



In this step, click on the I Agree button to accept their terms and privacy policy.



Now we can choose the location where to install Picasa, accept the Destination Folder and click on the Install button.



We now wait until Picasa has installed.



We can now tick the top two and the last tick boxes and then click on the Finish button.



We can accept all of these for the Picvasa Photo Viewer and click on the Finish button.



Now Picasa is asking us to back up our photos, I don’t use that, I prefer to do my own backups, so just click on the No, Thanks button.



That’s great, you’ve now just installed Picasa and are ready to start editing your photos like a Pro.








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