• Hi

    I am trying to get a selection of photos on Picassa in a particular order and then to transfer them to a flash drive. I can alter position of them in picassa but when I transfer them they end up in Image number order, which is no good.

    Is there a way of getting them transferred in the order that I wand?

    I have the photos in a separate…[Read more]

  • almonry posted in the topic Lost Pictures in the forum Software Support 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi Graham

    I downloaded Recuva and was able to retrieve some of the pics which was very helpful, so once again thanks


  • Hi

    Have done something stupid but remain hopeful that someone knows how to get me out of the problem.

    I had a folder of photos on Picassa which I “moved”, I thought it meant “copied to”, a flash drive. The photos were not as I wanted so I deleted them from the flash drive expecting the folder to be retained on Picassa. But they too had gone…[Read more]