New Site Home Page


It’s happened at last! we’ve now implemented a new home page, which is more pleasing and modern, after spending hours, even days trawling the internet for ideas, we’ve decided to keep the original theme, bit have updated the front page area, which I think looks rather good, it shows all the main links to our site and our other sites that we have.

We hope that you like it and will continue to frequent our site, we also installed a new video are to show your favourite Youtube videos.

Another great part of the site is that you can show off all your photos in a Photo Gallery post, which looks very nice.

Don’t forget the other parts of our site which are:

Support Forums (for all your questions about computers and laptops)

Masterclass (a site full of courses on how to use some of the software installed on your computers)

Blogs (where you can create your very own Blog posts to show off to the world)

Our Community (this area is a lot like Facebook, where you can make new friends, any post you make on the site, an extract will appear here along with anything else you do on our site)

Shopping (our digital photography shop, where you can purchase cameras and all the accessories to go with them from Amazon)

Arcade Games (a site where you can play loads of arcade games and try to get the highest scores)

Bookmark the page and keep coming back to our site and just have fun.

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