About Your Instructor

Graham Connor has been dabbling with computers from the early 1980s, starting with those games machines like the Atari and Commador, he then went onto the Sinclaire ZX Spectrum where he learnt about all the code etc.

Being made redundant back in 1999, he then opened a shop called Megabytes in Port Street, Evesham, Worcestershire.

Whilest there he built and configured Computers and Laptops.

In 2000, he then moved into the Web Hosting business and made a success of it.

Since moving down to West Somerset in 2015, he now only has his Computer support web site

at Vale Hosting, which is online support with forums and a community site.

In 2017, he thought he’d give some of his knowledge back with video tutorials on using the software installed on your Computers and Laptops.

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