Sony HDR-PJ410 Full HD Camcorder with Built-In Projector (30x Optical Zoom, Optical SteadyShot, Wi-Fi and NFC)


The SONY HDR-PJ410 camcorder’s zeiss wide angle lens, 30X zoom and optical stabilisation system provides all the flexibility to capture your best memories in top quality. The integrated projector allows you to share your footage easily with friends and family.

3 reviews for Sony HDR-PJ410 Full HD Camcorder with Built-In Projector (30x Optical Zoom, Optical SteadyShot, Wi-Fi and NFC)

  1. Amazon Customer

    excellent product. Be mindful that the camera takes a micro memory card and not the full size one. The Amazon link may suggest purchasing the full size one ( which I ordered and it didn’t fit)The projector is fantastic..

  2. Daisy L

    This camera is just as I hoped it would be. The video quality is great and it can produce lower quality MP4 too for when you want to upload to social media. The projector is much better than it sounded in the other reviews, the image is quite bright so just drawing the curtains is enough. The sound is not enough for if you want to show a whole room of people but I wouldn’t expect it to be.The ‘highlight’ auto-movie function is not perfect but pretty awesome, there are plenty of options to make a quick montage of your films from that day.

  3. Abul H.

    I bought this to replace my old Sony HDR UX19 Camcorder which was bought from amazon back in 2007/8 due to it’s heaviness and limited to 32gb memory stick pro duo storage, this model is very light to carry on your pocket, very easy to setup and use although the quality is not as good as my previous model in full resolution, image is better but video quality lacks sharpness, zoom function is really good but pan function really messy when playing back on big screen tv.This model does not have nightshot like my previous one and recoding indoor in low light is simply pointless, I have ceiling spotlight which makes it decent but whatever you do make sure to keep your hand steady or buy a tripod as moving around will make the video footage very blurry upon playing back on tv.I really like the built in projector which was one of the reason to buy this model. Battery life is great manage to record 2-3 hours of footage but lasts longer if turned off. Overall I’m really happy I went for this model due to lightness and projector but picture quality could have been better.

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