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How To Contact A Support Company  

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To call or e-mail a computer company, keep the below recommendations in mind.

If you are calling about a product have all applicable numbers written down. For example, the Serial Number and Model number of the product or computer.

If you are calling for support for a computer product, make sure you are next to the product in case you need to follow directions.
Have a piece of paper and pencil prepared ready in case additional information needs to be written down.

If you have Internet access try searching for an answer to your question before calling or e-mailing support. Many answers are online.

Make sure you have at least 30 minutes of available time, not only for the wait but the time likely required to troubleshoot the issue.

If your product is faulty or needs replacing have all purchase information available.

If you are planning on purchasing or the support call is fee-based, have more than one credit card ready.

Finally, once you have connected with someone make sure to write down their name in case you need to get back in touch with him or her.  🙂

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Posted : 31st July 2019 9:37 am